In present-day Russia, the demand grows for new technologies quite deeply rooted in the Western countries and proved to be reasonable for application. Application of composite materials for reinforcement of concrete products is among them.

Currently, composite reinforcement becomes more and more frequently applicable in various industries and sectors of the national economy. This fact can be explained quite easily taking into consideration the advantages of this type of structures. The unique technology of reinforcement manufacturing makes it possible to produce high-quality construction material meeting all modern requirements for reliability, quality and safety.

Additionally, it should be noted that the reinforcement manufacturing technology does not remain unchanged but it is being improved continuously. Thus, it can be asserted surely that the quality of delivered reinforcement becomes only better through the years, positively affecting technical and operational characteristics of the material.

During the recent three years, specialists note the annual growth of the market of composite reinforcement usage by 12%.

On 24 July, 2013, the “Composite Materials Manufacturing Industry Development” plan of activities (the roadmap) was approved by Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No.1307-р.

In accordance with the target value list set by the roadmap, the following values must be reached by 2020:

composite materials manufacturing amount: 120 milliard roubles;

product usage per capita: 1.5 kg/year;

export: 10 %.

Moreover, provisions are made to prepare and approve at least 553 normative technical regulations, normative legal regulations and other documents by 2020.

This will surely result in significant growth of manufacture and usage of composite reinforcement during the next years.

Reinforcement is made in accordance with GOST 31938-2012.

Certificate of Conformity No. РОСС RU. АГ 79. НО6181 is enclosed.

We can provide samples for laboratory tests.

Sincerely Yours,

Voronkov Alexander Semyonovich

Director General


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